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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes us different from other landscape companies?


A. Our team at Premier Landworks has over 25 years experience in both residential and commercial landscaping. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide full landscape services. Competitively priced and with no compromise on quality; we bring you a yard that you will enjoy, the neighbors will love and that will add value to your property.


Q. Why should I consider paying for professional landscaping design and installation?


A. Look at professional landscaping as an investment in your home like a bathroom or a kitchen renovation. The front and back yard is just another room. It is what gives you and every person that passes by the first impression of your property. A professionally planned yard using landscape design and principles will enhance your home's curb appeal making living there more enjoyable while promoting a positive image to your friends and neighbors. In addition, landscaping is a home improvement that actually appreciates over time. It is a well known fact that well-done landscaping boosts the overall real estate value of your property which translates into higher property value!


Q. In what areas do you operate?


A. Calgary and surrounding area.


Q. Can we work within a certain budget?


A. Working within your budget is very important to most homeowners. We work within any budget from $3,000 to $500,000 and everything in between.


Q. How do I get started?


A. You will need to book an on-site consultation with one of our design consultants so they can visualize the property and help you in getting the perfect design for your yard. To book your free consultation call us at 403-444-0504, email at, or use our online booking application under the “Contact” link.


Q. After I sign the contract, how soon can you start?


A. It depends upon the time of year and the types of projects we’re currently working on. We can give you a realistic time frame during your initial consultation.


Q. How long will the construction take?


A. It often depends upon the size of a project, its complexity, and of course the weather. Typically, the average project is 1-2 weeks from initial on-site construction to final completion.



Q. How do I know if a design is necessary?


A. Most projects will require a design to outline the scope of work to be performed. It is a great way to put everyone involved on the same page including the homeowner, design consultant, and project manager. In addition, the design is important because it helps you to visualize the what the project is to look like before the work begins. Once a project can be easily visualized it will often inspire customers to make further changes that they otherwise would not have thought of. Spending a little money up front can be a key factor in ensuring that no mistake are made later.


Q: I want a backyard that requires little maintenance, yet looks great year round. Is this possible?


A: Definitely! A lot of homeowners don't have time to worry about yard upkeep so a low maintenance backyard is a great solution. We can help you select the right plants, trees, and materials that will provide you with a little-to-no-care yard that looks clean and professional! Our staff at Premier Landworks knows how to create beautiful, sustainable yards, that minimize weed growth and reduce water consumption. To see some pictures of our some of our previous low maintenance project just go the tab “Project Galleries” and click “Low Maintenance.”

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