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Garden Beds add life and colour to your landscape bringing everything together. The edging that separates the garden beds from other landscaping elements can be done a number of ways. Paver stones are a popular edging technique, but we also offer extruded concrete edging among other options. We can also create raised planting beds by constructing a retaining wall. We always prepare the beds with a generous planting area and high quality loam. Premier Landworks will help you get the lush backyard paradise you always dreamed of!

Garden Beds and Edging

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Paver Stone Edging

Paver stone edging is a popular option as its economical and looks great. Paver stones are cast concrete, artistically made to look like natural stone. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. To keep the edging straight and level we excavate a trench where the paver stone edging will be installed and fill it with tamped sand. 


Raised Planting Beds

Using retaining walls to create garden beds adds sophistication to your landscape design. This option can be used on sloped yards to level out uneven topography and create more usable planting space. It can also be used on relatively flat properties to create raised planting beds. This can add depth and dimension to your landscape.

Some Of Our Garden Beds

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