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Irrigation is the best way to maintain a lush landscape without the hassle of watering by hand every few days. Our irrigation systems are designed with drafting software by certified members of our staff, and apply water as uniformly as possible. We offer the latest in cutting edge technology, from the highly acclaimed matched participation (MP) nozzles, to WiFi controllers that use real time weather data to actively manage your watering. 


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Professional Design

Our in house certified irrigation specialists start each irrigation project by using professional drafting software to design your system. This allows them to calculate the optimal zoning and distribution patterns for your irrigation system. This is important, as an inefficient system can cause you to waste money on water over the long run.

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The Latest Technology

There is a lot more to consider when designing and installing an irrigation than just getting your lawn and plants wet. What we strive to do is to use the least amount of water possible to maintain a healthy landscape. To do this we turn to the latest technology in the industry. MP Rotator nozzles by Hunter Industries provide the most uniform distribution of any product on the market. 

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