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Our carpentry services include pergolas, latices, sheds and decorative wood features that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These structures can be attached to your home or existing structure such as a fence or deck, but can also be free standing. Our recommended materials are cedar and pressure treated pine. These beautiful structures help set the atmosphere for you to enjoy during the summer months. 

Sheds, Pergolas And Woodwork

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Pergolas are structures whose primary purpose is to protect people from the elements, whether it be wind, rain or sun. They are often free standing, supported by three or four columns, but can be attached to other structures such as your home or deck. They certainly add character to your yard and landscape.

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Lattices and Decorative Features

Our skilled carpenters are able to build a variety of lattices and decorative wood features. They can add privacy, protect from wind, and provide a place for climbing plants to grow.


Need a place to store your yard equipment and other seasonal items? Premier Landworks, can build you a custom shed that will look beautiful in your yard. There are many options when it come to building materials including composite wood, cedar, pressure treated and timber.


Some of Our Woodwork Projects

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