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Plants, trees and shrubs come in a wide variety of styles and prices. Since we have been in business over 25 years, we have come to know which plants and shrubs work best in Calgary's climate, and we are more than happy to share that knowledge with you. And as always, we only source our plants, trees and shrubs from the most trusted suppliers.

Plants, Shrubs And Trees

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Deciduous plants and trees lose their leaves in the fall. They are natures colour palette, as will fill your yard with impressive tones of red, and golden shades. It is important to select plants that are hardy enough for our prairie climate.

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Evergreen have foliage throughout the year. Their deep shade of green can compliment your landscape features.


When planting trees it is important to excavate an area large enough to promote growth of the root ball. Also when planting spruce trees it is important not to have a sunken tree well, because water can collect there and drown the tree over time. At Premier Landworks we take care to plant our trees straight and with proper preparation of the ground as to promote growth as soon as its planted. Keep in mind newly planted trees need to be watered regularly, something that can be easily done with an automatic underground irrigation system.


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