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Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls are functional as well as ascetically pleasing. They can increase the usable space in your yard by leveling uneven topography. When constructed properly, your retaining wall can last for decades as they are built from rugged and durable materials. Proper preparation is required for your wall to last and at Premier Land works, we don't cut corners.

For engineered walls, we manage the whole process, from applying for the permit to consulting with an engineer. This way you can be assured that your retaining wall is professionally designed and constructed, and will last many decade.


Small Retaining Wall

Smaller retaining walls can be used to terrace a yard with a gradual slope, or create a planting bed. We construct these walls out of modular concrete, textured for an aesthetically pleasing look. We can also use natural stone. Even small walls need to be properly prepped to  withstand erosion that might undermine its base. With Premier Landworks, you can be assured that we won't cut corners, and that we will provide you with a lasting product.


Large Retaining Wall

Large retaining walls are a great way to create usable space out of a yard with a steep slope.  We are familiar with the engineering requirements and will manage that process for you. As long as it is planned and constructed properly, there is still a wide range of styles and construction materials that can be used, including modular concrete, large natural stone, or poured concrete. 

Some Of The Retaining Walls We've Built

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