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At Premier Landworks, we offer a variety of deck materials and styles that fit every budget. From pressure treated to cedar and composite materials, we know you want a deck that is both durable and functional. By hiring us, you will ensure that your summer weekends are not spent in frustration attempting to complete the project yourself, but lounging and relaxing on your new deck built by experienced pros!

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Pressure Treated

Pressure treated decks are an attractive and long lasting option for your deck installation.



Cedar is one of our most popular materials for deck building. It resists rot and decay naturally, and does not absorb water nearly as much us other wood materials do. With proper maintenance, cedar decks can last up to a couple of decades.


Mahogany is our premium decking material. Like cedar, mahogany is durable and naturally resists rot and decay. It looks great with a naturally rich appearance. 

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Wood 1.jpg

Composite Material


Composite material is becoming more popular every year due to its durability. If low maintenance is what your going for, this is the option for you. It can resemble the natural beauty of wood, so that you can have the best of both worlds.

Some Decks We Have Built

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